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If you follow triathlon you won’t have missed the superb race performance of Marc Austin at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. April 5th 2018 was a great day for the sport in Scotland. It’s been lovely to see the buzz it created and especially witness the inspiration delivered to the kids in the sport. Since then I’ve received a fair few communications both congratulating me as Marc’s coach and also asking what I do that has allowed him to step up. REALITY CHECK – I’M NOT MARC’S COACH!! I do however perform consultancy work for Marc, so if you need to categorise me you could call me his Performance Consultant. Marc is officially self coached and based in Glasgow when not training or racing abroad….

Warm Weather Training 2018


Located 110km north of alicante airport, Denia is one of the most accessible / cheapest venues to reach from Scotland. It has over 325 days of sunshine per year, is one of the driest parts of europe with warm temperatures through March and April but not excessive heat. It is well known as one of the best cycling destinations in Europe and a regular haunt of pro teams. This spring Camp brings together the amazing training opportunities in this region using the local pool and athletics facilities alongside top quality coaching to create the optimum environment to learn and progress as a Triathlete. Running between 24th March and 7th April, there are two 7 day camp options, individual needs can also be discussed. Training will…

Race Results and The Higher Purpose.

Saturday was a roller coaster day. A rare day off work was planned but harder to execute than planned with clients racing all over the place. A smartphone makes it hard to avoid contact / finding out results. Truth be told I like that most of the time – because I care about what I do, I care about peoples goals, aspirations and dreams and I work to help them achieve. As the day went on results filtered in from various locations – a breakthrough performance at youth elite level, a nasty crash for another hard working technically proficient athlete, great racing and experience from the amazing kids that inspire me. A couple of folk struggling with health and specific elements of performance giving results…

Changes at Pro Endurance

Pro Endurance Coaching would like to announce some changes moving forwards: In order to explore further coaching development and opportunities Crawford Whyte has decided to part company with Pro Endurance Coaching. This has been a very difficult decision for all parties, Crawford has thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Pro Endurance, learned lots and made great friends along the way. John will be sad to see Crawford move on,  values his input over the past couple of years as Pro Endurance has grown and wishes Crawford all the best for his future enterprises.  John and Crawford remain good friends and will regularly “chew the fat” over all things coaching.  Athletes will be encouraged to attend sessions that suit their programme best for coaching support. Some things won’t…



Mention time trials and training session numbers often drop dramatically, don’t mention time trials and athletes complain that they couldn’t prepare properly… A pattern that is no doubt echoed through all sports, and at all levels. So, if it has such a detrimental short term effect on training, why do coaches persist with it? Long term athlete development is our main purpose; educate and develop athletes to perform at a higher level. Perhaps understanding more about what can be gained from testing will help get rid of those jitters, and encourage a few more to test their capabilities. Types of testing Testing can be done in various ways, and of course in different conditions/ situations. These can include; Straight out time trial Lactate testing/ lab…

The Missing Component

squat function

The Missing Component – A blog from Crawford. I’m writing this off the back of delivering a very successful triathlon training camp, focusing primarily on strength and technical application. Incorporating strength work into your programme with the correct balance and intensity can take your performance to the next level. Our camp had 2 main strength sessions, with a different focus for each session. The first focused predominantly on functional ability; which can be more simply described as flexibility, balance and control of movement. The second session was a higher intensity circuit session that used a blend of functional movements as well as explosive strength and power exercises. Getting a balance of both of these elements into your programme can really benefit all 3 sports, and…

Shortcut Society – A Coaches Observation

easy street

John’s October blog!! As a coach some of my key skills are observation and feedback.   In the simplest form this might be observing an element of technique and providing feedback to aid correction and improvement.  Other forms of feedback might include identifying when an athlete at a session needs the content of the session changed, maybe due to fatigue or failing to meet objectives and subtle (or not so subtle) changes are needed.  That’s why if you attend a group session I coach there are often many mini sessions going on at the same time with people completing things optimised for their improvement.  These are very important skills for a good coach and if you look around it’s not often done very much or done…