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Triathlon training continues to build

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Maintaining triathlon training is difficult at the best of times, throw in a global pandemic and lock down measures and it makes the process almost impossible, or so you might think.

Pro Endurance Coaching has introduced a series of on line training activities that will definitely keep you in top condition ready to get back to training outside when current restrictions are lifted.
The sessions provide not just triathletes but runners, cyclists and any endurance enthusiast with training sessions that match your needs.
We have strength and conditioning sessions that work on some of the major muscle groups used in each discipline, coached turbo sessions that maintain cardio fitness but also work on bike strength and technique and swim sessions.
Yes I did say swim training sessions. Okay we are not in water but the swim conditioning sessions build strength and mobility that will ensure that you are able to get the best out of your swim training once this COVID-19 crisis is over.
Running since last week we welcomed our 300th participation during the turbo session last night and feedback from particpants has been great.

“Loving the sessions just now and really appreciate you doing them”. Beth

“So thankful for all ProEndurance’s efforts to enable us to retain some kind of normality. Virtual training, still with a great bunch of people from near and far”. Susan

“Just signed up for the next 4weeks. Have really been enjoying sessions and has highlighted that I need to work on strength everywhere! My roller has been used a lot in the evenings. Thanks for keeping me going!” Kirsty

As part of the development of our triathlon training business we welcome Donna McHugh to play a bigger part in the team. Donna is already a huge part of the business doing loads of vital behind the scenes work and sometimes modelling!!

Triathlon training bike TT

Donna in action

Here’s just a few things that Donna brings to the table:

1. Has played and coached football professionally.
2. A first class honours degree in sport and exercise science.
3. Highest ranked student in the UK when graduating in an engineering degree in prosthetics and orthotics.
4. See 3. Above – that’s a top notch biomechanist.
5. An ability to treat and work with kids like you’ve never seen.
6. World Duathlon Age Group Champion!
7. BTF Level 2 Coach.
8. BTF National Level Technical Official.
9. UKAD Accredited Advisor.
10. 10 years multi sport and triathlon training and racing including rehab of career threatening injury.

In a world of sport training often dominated by PR and business driven folk Donna brings honesty (sometimes bluntly), passion and drive. Behind the scenes she is inputting and more involved and we look forward to seeing more of her talents used in the business.