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Christmas Urbaneering

WHEN: 12th + 13th DECEMBER 2020.
WHAT: A running challenge with a twist
WHO: Suitable for all ages and abilities.
WHY: For fun, challenge your brain and body, help raise funds for a deserving charity, win prizes, Gift bag for participants

Enter Here!!

Get yourself into the Christmas spirit with our new take on our ever popular Urbaneering. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this is a great event to do as part of a family Christmas day out or with friends (current Covid restrictions permitting – currently up to 6 people from up to 2 households but this may change).

All profits from every entry will be donated to mental health charity Common Wheel at this much needed time. Common Wheel is a Glasgow based charity helping people with mental illness to live a meaningful and satisfying life while contributing to society. They run a range of projects but the closest to our heart is their very successful bike repair and reconditioning workshops that have ran since 2001. They were awarded the Carer(s) of the Year Awards in the Inspiring City Awards in 2019 and are always looking to further their positive impact to the local area. More interesting information about the charity can be found by clicking the link above.

Adults and children (under 16 supervised by an adult) of all ages are welcome. The event can be run or even walked in your own time at any point over the weekend. Distance travelled is entirely up to you and how energetic you are feeling, there is a choice of challenge to take on: a smaller challenge and a larger challenge to suit different ages or abilities; or you can just challenge yourself to go as far as possible in the time given! Intrigued yet???

Here’s how it works
Strava Club:
In order to participate you must join and log your run onto the Pro Endurance Strava club to upload your event and have your route ratified. Please entitle your activity “Team Name Pro Endurance Urbaneering”
Please note, you cannot submit evidence for this event before 12th December or after 13th December.

What are you to do?
A list of clues will be sent out to your team captain on the morning of the 12th December. From these clues you must work out what Glasgow landmark we are talking about, make your way there and take a photograph (the more festive and crazy the better!) of your team at that landmark.
The start and finish point must be at the Riverside Museum.

Make your way around Glasgow finding as many as possible in the two hour window allocated – don’t panic, we have no minimum time set – you can spend 10 minutes on this if you want but we recommend you enjoy the day out and make the most of the clues, exploring and fun to be had. Once you are finished and home, your team captain must upload your team’s activity and up to 12 of your favourite photographs of the day to your Strava account – after all we all know, if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen!  Your file will be checked for accuracy and matched with the photos. Of course we would welcome you all uploading a file if more than one in the team wishes to record this, the more the merrier, but as a minimum we must have one from your team captain before 10pm on Sunday 13th December.

Clue sets:
There will be two sets of clues for you to choose from:
Set 1 – The 12 Days of Christmas
A shorter option with 12 landmarks to find and snap
Set 2 – The Christmas Advent
Your longer option with 25 landmarks to find and capture
Each set will come with both a list of cryptic clues and a more literal clue option – you can choose how much you want to tax your brains on your way round!

Your run must not be more than 2 hours elapsed time, you are not competing for time or distance, ideally you visit as many locations as possible. Feel free to continue in your own time if you fancy it but only upload a run file up to 2 hours long. Any entries over 2 hours will not be included. There is no minimum time limit.

We all love a bit of competition don’t we? So, if it’s not on distance covered, or time taken, what is being judged??
Your photographs!!! We want to fill Strava and social media with your festive fun photos to bring some cheer to everyone. Upload as many as you wish up to your 12 best photos of the chosen landmarks with as many of your team members in it (selfie stick permissible if going it alone ) to go on to the competition. Get creative – fancy dress?? Props?? We will choose our favourite from everyone’s Strava upload and post them for all to vote on their absolute favourite of the lot. You must have a Strava activity map that ties in with the relevant photographs

The Best Photo Competition Prizes:
1st place – One group coached session for your Christmas Urbaneering team in either running, cycling or conditioning, AND two weeks free access to our Zoom sessions for your team
2nd place – Two weeks free access to our Zoom sessions for your team
3rd place – One week’s free access to our Zoom sessions for your team

How do I enter?
Entry is via the Pro Endurance Shop
Please enter the name and address of the main team captain, we will send all team member event packs to that one address.
Please buy an entry for each team member but the team captain should purchase all of these in one transaction so we know who to send information and gift bags too.

Entries close 10pm Sunday 29th November
Event goodie bags will be handed out the following week to the team captain prior to the event.
Urbaneering landmark clues will be emailed to the team captain by 06:00 on Saturday 12th December, please ensure you check all junk mail boxes etc

Please follow government guidance with regards to Covid. Teams need be to be no more than 6 people from 2 households at the time of writing. Do not take part if you have any symptoms. Please also remember you are running in an urban environment. It would make sense to maybe carry a mask. Please respect social distancing at all times as best possible. We have deliberately not chosen landmarks in the busiest places and would suggest your chosen route avoids busy areas. Please exercise care when running – remain respectful of other pedestrians and vigilant for vehicles etc. Pro Endurance accept no responsibility or liability for participants or events occurring involving participants.