Bike Fitting – Riding Comfort

As a qualified and experienced Retul bike fitter we can offer a range of services to get you comfortable on your bike.  These range from a simple look over and advice to a full Retul fit.

Riding your bike can be the most enjoyable experience but not when it doesn’t fit properly or has not been set up to suit your specific shape, size and degree of flexibility.  With a well fitting bike we will make you happy to spend hours on the saddle.

It is not “normal” to be uncomfortable on your bike.  Not everyone feels discomfort while riding.  No, it’s not embarrassing to talk to us about your bike discomfort.  We are professional and will have heard it all before, everything we discuss will be treated with professionalism, discretion and confidentiality.

This service is for everyone and anyone who sits on a bike, this is not just for the elite and professional rider – it’s for all of us

Current bike

We can make your trusty steed fit you as best as possible and help solve those niggles

New bike

Get in touch to organise a fitting session before you make that big purchase.  Not all bike geometry suits every rider, make sure the bike you purchase is right for you before you make that commitment

Please get in touch to discuss this further so we can offer you the best service for your needs.  To request this service please email:

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