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Regrettably for the time being the facility has to close due to ongoing technical issues.  This is a facility that Pro Endurance leases to deliver open water swimming.  We are the only commercial service provider and have worked with Pinkston since it opened 5 years ago.  This year has been difficult due to repeated problems with the facility causing some cancellations and a large admin headache for the business with communications, refunds and credits for sessions.  Last week we met with the facility management and the decision was taken to stop all swimming activities in order that Pinkston can work at fixing the issues with their water treatment plant permanently rather than temporary fixes as have been done to date.

We are very disappointed that this has happened but fully support the facility and will be working with them to get swimming back up and running.  For the time being there is no timeline for this regrettably and it may be that we will not be swimming again till 2020.

I have refunded all bookings that had been made for the dates we have cancelled.

Our sincere apologies for the disruption these issues have caused.  We will be working to get off season training up and running sooner than usual with swim video analysis / stroke development workshops,  land training for mobility and strength gains along with all the other stuff we do for other sports