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Changes at Pro Endurance

Pro Endurance Coaching would like to announce some changes moving forwards: In order to explore further coaching development and opportunities Crawford Whyte has decided to part company with Pro Endurance Coaching. This has been a very difficult decision for all parties, Crawford has thoroughly enjoyed coaching with Pro Endurance, learned lots and made great friends…



Mention time trials and training session numbers often drop dramatically, don’t mention time trials and athletes complain that they couldn’t prepare properly… A pattern that is no doubt echoed through all sports, and at all levels. So, if it has such a detrimental short term effect on training, why do coaches persist with it? Long…

The Missing Component

squat function

The Missing Component – A blog from Crawford. I’m writing this off the back of delivering a very successful triathlon training camp, focusing primarily on strength and technical application. Incorporating strength work into your programme with the correct balance and intensity can take your performance to the next level. Our camp had 2 main strength…